'Everyone is against me, I don't trust anyone, they are planning against me, I have to be on my guard at all times!' It is a personality disorder characterized by repetitive and paranoid thoughts that lead to constant suspicion of the people around them.

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Paranoid personality disorder is a pathological mental illness in Cluster A or eccentric personality disorders in which there is an intense feeling of suspicion of everything and everyone for no reason. People with a family history of schizophrenia and delusional disorders are more likely to have this disorder. There is research on the genetic nature of the disorder and it has been linked to family problems experienced in childhood or early adolescence. Childhood violence, emotional and physical neglect and abuse, traumatic experiences and overly restrictive or controlling family experiences may increase the risk of the disorder. It is more common in men than women 

Paranoid people's way of thinking includes skepticism, distrust and a deep suspicion of others. These thoughts can change the way they perceive the people around them and their relationships. In general, they are suspicious and distrustful of people, believing them to be malicious. They are stuck on one thought and do not accept other thoughts. They may spend their lives restless, unhappy and angry. The anger they show is a manifestation of resentment from their past. They react to past humiliation and bad behavior against them in the form of anger and aggression. They have hostile feelings and may feel envy and jealousy towards others. They tend to have ulterior motives towards the behaviors done to them. They can be quite prejudiced. They are always able to keep a certain distance from their environment, they do not like to feel closeness and warmth. They like to be in a position of authority and can look down on those who are inferior, weaker and deficientPeople with paranoid personality disorder often see everyone as a threat and develop defense mechanisms against them. The defense mechanisms they use are projection, denial, rationalization, regression, compartmentalization and projection, which help them manage their feelings of anxiety and insecurity. However, these defenses they have developed may cause difficulties in their social life and personal development in the future. They are prepared for even a small attack and are afraid of being betrayed or mistreated. Therefore, they try to avoid everyone and are unresponsive to emotions such as love and pain. They are very fond of their independence and have very high attachment anxiety. The principle that attachment equals weakness applies. They can't tolerate making mistakes themselves and try to protect their self-esteem by blaming others for their mistakes 

Paranoid personality disorder is when a person lives in insecurity, thinking that the behavior of others is malicious. They have the idea in their mind that anyone can harm them without any specific argument. Psychotherapy has been found to be the most valid procedure for treating people with this suspicious and suspicious mindset. With therapy, a sense of confidence can be gained, past feelings of inadequacy can be repaired and clouds of suspicious thoughts can be cleared. Antidepressants, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers can also be used in conjunction with therapy to treat other mental illnesses that may be associated with this disorder 


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