The Chris Sizemore Case

We will consider the well-known case example Chris Sizemore for the dissociative disorder review on pathological disorders. Dissociative disorder is the fact that the individual has many identities within him. Let's start the story of Chris Sizemore by going back to his childhood, as is often the case.

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The Chris Sizemore Case
The Chris Sizemore Case

We will examine a known case example of Dissociative Disorder, Chris Sizemore. As usual, let's start with his childhood. Chris Sizemore, born in the USA in 1917, started his life by being psychologically tested. For example, when he was two years old, he witnessed his mother harming herself with a knife, and after some time, a man working at his father's workplace got caught in a machine. In addition to all of these, during this time, he also witnessed the death of his young cousin. These events, which are very difficult and traumatic for a normal person, left psychological scars on young Chris. Sizemore, who experienced complaints such as severe headaches, changing behavior, and fainting spells during his adolescence, eventually turned to a specialist doctor. Although doctors initially thought it was stress-related, in the following therapies, they realized that Sizemore was completely different from one another. The calm personality reflected in Sizemore is called 'Eve White', and the opposite, active, talkative personality is called 'Eve Black'. Psychiatrists tried to uncover the third identity, called Jane, based on the contrast between these two characters. With the emergence of Jane, the situation becomes more understandable. Sizemore, who was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), later stated that these personalities did not occur as a result of the fragmentation in his mind after these traumatic events. According to Sizemore, these personalities existed in his mind even before he was born. He explains this situation by saying, 'They are not me, but they all come together to make me. They all have different truths and different characteristics.' With the death of Jane after a while, Eve Black and Eve White also died. Another trio takes their place. In this way, trio groups exchange places. Sizemore states that he experienced severe headaches and superficial disturbances during the transition between these personalities. Although Sizemore made suicide attempts during this process, he was unsuccessful. After constantly changing therapists, he found a solution with his 8th therapist. This therapist aimed to unite all the personalities in Sizemore under a single personality. This process took a total of 4 years. When this difficult process achieved its goal, and the last personality, which was mute, disappeared, this situation disappeared. Sizemore, who had about 20 personalities, says that Eve Black was the closest to him, and her husband loved Jane. Sizemore, who was 89 years old, died of a heart attack in 2016.

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