Collective Unconsciousness

According to the concept of collective consciousness, in addition to an unconscious that consists of people's own experiences, there is also a universal consciousness that is passed on from generation to generation. While Freud and Adler looked at their psychological approaches through individual psychology, Jung first of all put forward that there is a universal and collective consciousness.

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Collective Unconsciousness
Collective Unconsciousness

Jung started from archetypes to explain collective consciousness. Archetypes are hereditary elements passed down from ancestors. Once archetypes reach the consciousness level of individuals, they gain meaning with social and cultural values. According to Jung, a newborn baby's crying and laughing are examples of archetypes. Repetitive behaviors of people are also archetypes. These are universal and show themselves in every culture. But cultures also play a role in shaping archetypes. First, dreams can be used to explain archetypes. Dreams are random and pure products that we cannot control outside of consciousness. Therefore, they can be examined in terms of collective consciousness since they do not have a conscious purpose. Secondly, active imagination can be used to explain archetypes. Active imagination is directly proportional to the frequency and intensity of unconscious fantasies. Here, the repressed unconscious thoughts emerge from your will to become conscious. Active imagination directly affects the level of consciousness. Here, it is emphasized that unconscious wishes reach the level of consciousness with the desire to come true.

 While Freud brought a new perspective to the psychoanalytic approach, Jung explained this with collective consciousness on archetypes. Self is an archetype that person is trying to reach in his/her life, however, it's difficult to reach through his/her life. It's one of the most important archetype. For the development of the self , person need to overcome selfishness fear and arrogance. The ego is another archetype. The ego is divided into two: somatic and mental. The ego is a reference and is independent. Accordingly, the ego is unique and individual. Persona is the last archetype. It helps to connect with the outside world. Persona is a flexible thing and it's not a rigid structure. Persona gives opportunity for adapting; such as social values , behavioral adjustment and standards in a society. Persona is in between three factors: I, the ideal self and social model of human. If relationship of these 3 concepts damages then person also deficits.

            Collective consciousness, which is described as the genetic transfer that came from the first humans in the past and was passed on to us by our ancestors, continues to show its effect in the modern world. Although today's modern world varies greatly compared to the past, it is still possible to see traces of collective consciousness. With the development of technology, collective consciousness appears in different forms today. Collective consciousness and globalization have become more widespread in the scientific field with the invention of radio, television and telephone. For this reason, technology has become one of the biggest factors in determining people's archetypes. Artificial intelligence is one of the most important precursors of collective consciousness in the 21st century. Today, neuropsychology, collective consciousness and artificial intelligence research continues rapidly and there will be major breakthroughs in this field in the future.


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