How to Deal with Negative Emotions

Today's world is a world based on fast consumption and fast living. For this reason, many emotions are pushed into the subconscious without being processed or interpreted. We hate when we should love, or we approach emotionally when we should be logical. However, when we look at the reasons underlying these emotions, these reasons arise from the fact that the emotions are not interpreted sufficiently and the level of awareness in not making sense of the emotions is low.

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How to Deal with Negative Emotions
How to Deal with Negative Emotions

Negative thoughts can be called all emotions that make a person unhappy and restless. Emotions are useful and functional in many ways. For example, although anxiety is known as a negative emotion, it is one of the functional emotions that enable a person to survive at an optimum level and activate him. Negative emotions are necessary just like positive emotions. Negative emotions motivate us to change. Many emotions such as being overwhelmed, jealousy, and anxiety come from a person's need and motivation for change.

There are many methods for dealing with negative emotions. First of all, it is important to define oneself. One should get rid of people's judgments and make his own definitions about himself, not resort to an outside source.

Emotions do not always reflect reality. Emotions emerge when the person interprets them with his own reality. Asking for help from time to time is another way to cope with negative emotions. Asking for help and seeking advice is not bad either. It can even help the person cope with negative emotions.

Living in the moment and being in the moment is also one of the important factors. Carrying the burdens of the past can make it difficult for a person to cope with negative emotions. A person should focus on leaving the negative days behind and enjoy the moment.

One of the most important ways to become aware of emotions can be understood by trying to make sense of what the person's emotions mean to them when negative emotions are felt. For this, the person should allow his/her emotions to come to mind in a quiet and comfortable environment and focus on the real reasons underlying the negative emotions he/she feels.




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