Smile (2022)

Let's take a look together at "Smile," a horror film that was released in 2022 and considered by moviegoers as the best horror film of last year.

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Smile (2022)


Year of Production: 2022

Genre: Psychological Horror

Director: Parker Finn

IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

Letterboxd Rating: 2.9/5

My Thoughts on the Film

While Smile is filled with horror film clichés and jump scare scenes, I can say that it successfully manages to draw the audience into the story. Although I'm not particularly fond of horror films, I want to mention that I enjoyed this film due to its atmosphere and fluidity. If you're not too bothered by bloody scenes, I recommend giving this film a chance and watching it.


Doctor Cotter is a therapist working in an emergency psychiatric service. The events unfold when Laura, a doctoral candidate, is brought to therapist Cotter's attention. Laura claims to have seen something resembling a person, but no one believes her. What she claims to see is something that uses people's faces as masks and smiles at Laura. During the session, things take a turn for the worse, and the events become more complex. According to Doctor Cotter, Laura was experiencing paranoid delusions. However, when Cotter starts experiencing the same hallucinations, things take an interesting turn. From this point on, the story focuses entirely on Cotter. As Rose Cotter goes through tense moments, she becomes determined to uncover the truth behind the phenomenon, as it negatively affects both her relationship with her fiancé and her surroundings. As a result, we not only learn about Cotter's traumatic past but also gather information about the cause of the hallucinations through a series of interconnected incidents.

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