The Whale

Let's take a closer look at the film "The Whale," directed by Darren Aronofsky, which was released in 2022. At the 28th Academy Awards held in 2023, the film received awards in five different categories, including the Best Actor award for Brendan Fraser, who played the lead role. Let's delve into the details of this acclaimed movie.

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The Whale
the whale


Year of Production: 2022

Genre: Drama

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Cast: Brendan Fraser, Sadie Sink, Hong Chau, Ty Simpkins


The film revolves around Charlie, an online English teacher who provides remote education. Charlie is portrayed as a man weighing 270 kilograms, suffering from health problems and having abandoned his daughter and wife years ago. Having lost his boyfriend in the past, Charlie now lives alone in the house they used to share. Liz, a nurse and his supportive friend, frequently visits him. Lately, Charlie has started reconnecting with his daughter and makes efforts to get to know her better and rebuild their relationship.

ANALYSIS (Spoiler Alert)

Our main character, Charlie, never leaves the house. He confines himself to the edge of the couch, the bathroom, and the bedroom. His only connection to the outside world is through the online classes he teaches. Years ago, he left his wife and daughter for another man, and after that man's death, Charlie began living alone, allowing his weight to spiral out of control. Charlie, who experiences health problems related to obesity and has an obsession with an essay his daughter wrote about "Moby Dick" years ago, finds solace in reading it whenever he feels close to death, either by himself or to others. Despite his health issues, he refuses to go to the hospital and continues to exhibit excessive eating behaviors. He struggles to move and requires support for most physical activities. The film's narrow format makes it easier for the audience to empathize with a large body like Charlie's. Alongside the physical suffering Charlie endures, the psychological drama is strongly felt throughout the story. However, the story offers more than just the painful journey of a man who becomes obese after trauma; it does so through the lens of the father-daughter relationship. Realizing he is nearing death, Charlie attempts to reach out to his daughter. Successfully luring her home with promises of money and help with her assignments, Charlie seeks to rebuild a connection with her. Beneath his weight of over 270 kilograms, Charlie possesses a gentle and compassionate spirit. Seeing his daughter for the first time in years allows us to witness this side of him. Charlie has been saving money for his daughter for years and even refuses to spend it on his own health. Despite his efforts, his rebellious teenage daughter fails to appreciate what he does. Even her mother holds negative views about her, but Charlie, in contrast to everyone else, tries to see the goodness within his daughter. He is even accused of being overly positive by his ex-wife. Charlie considers his daughter's essay on "Moby Dick" to be the best piece he has ever read in his life, leading him to believe that she will be a good writer. He wants to prove this to her as well. After Ellie reconciles Thomas, the missionary, with his family, Charlie becomes convinced that his daughter is a good person. Knowing he has done one thing right in his life, Charlie values his daughter above all else. He feels guilty and therefore cares deeply about Ellie's future. As he realizes he is nearing the end of his life, in the final scene of the film, Charlie achieves what he desires. His daughter reads the essay she wrote years ago aloud to him, and Charlie finally finds peace.

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