In our lives, sometimes we all worry about our physical health. In some periods, these worries we have experienced may increase to a degree that we cannot cope with. As a result, we go to a hospital, see a doctor, and have various tests. At the end of this process, according to the results, whatever necessary methods are applied. For example; if it is treatment, it is treatment, if it is intervention, the intervention. When we find out that there is no problem, we feel relieved and our life continues where it left off. However, for some people, the cruise does not continue in this way.

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For Whom Is The Cruise Not Like This?

Usually, these people have a psychological problem, and this condition manifests itself through physical symptoms. Physically symptom disorder, manifests itself by experiencing physical symptoms that affect a person's life, although there is no medical explanation for the physical symptoms. There are some distortions in the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors of individuals related to the physical symptoms they experience. For example, these people interpret any physical symptoms as having a very serious illness, often feel concerns for their health, a constantly go to different doctors and look for signs of physical discomfort in their body. They spend a significant and constant level of time and energy on their bodily symptoms. The vast majority of their lives continue in this way. This condition reduces the satisfaction in their lives, causes disruptions in daily life functions, and causes them to experience intense stress. Individuals who avoid daily activities and social relationships are intensely interested in their isolation and physical complaints.

What are the Common Physical Symptoms of Physical Symptom Disorder?

These symptoms are usually related to chronic pain in areas such as back pain, neck, abdomen, face, head, muscles, and excretory system, where it is difficult to measure and evaluate pain. Nov. Along with these; stomach cramps, constipation, fatigue, heart palpitations, dry mouth, difficulty breathing, tingling, and numbness in the body also manifest themselves as intense menstrual pains in women. 

These symptoms may vary at various times and periods. For example, these symptoms begin in adolescence or early adulthood, worsen during stress, may ease when stress decreases, or may be replaced by another symptom. A young girl who feels intense pains at the beginning of her menstrual period may experience relief of this pain later on and instead experience this condition with a different complaint, such as a chronic headache or intense back and chest pain. 

Physical Symptom Disorder / DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria

A. If there are somatic symptoms that cause significant disruptions in the person's daily living activities,

B. 1., 2. and 3. if there is the presence of at least one substance related to thoughts, feelings, behaviors, or health-related to the somatic symptoms described in the substance

 1. The presence of constant and irrational thoughts about the severity of symptoms,

2. The presence of a consistently high level of concerns about health and symptoms,

3. The appearance of excessive expenditure of time and energy on the symptom and anxiety in question.

C. Although any bodily symptoms are not present at any time, the state of being symptomatic usually persists for more than 6 months.

If the somatic symptoms are painful, painful, severe symptoms cause significant deterioration, and a continuous period of at least 6 months prevails Oct continuously; one of the conditions in criterion B is ice; at a mild level, if there are two or more, at a moderate level, if more than one somatic complaint appears as severe, severe bodily symptom disorder can be mentioned.


  • It should be known that these people are not in a state of simulation (making themselves look sick). In other words, they do not consciously and willingly behave as if they are sick. They are experiencing the physical complaints they are talking about.
  • As a result of the research conducted, it has been found that Physical Symptom Disorder is more common in women than in men.
  • It is estimated that 5-7% of primary health care patients and about 20% of internal medicine patients have physical symptom disorders.
  • Physical symptoms are known to frequently affect the gastrointestinal, cardiorrhea, and musculoskeletal systems.
  • Associated psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, a history of trauma, or challenging life events are common under this condition, but this diagnosis can be made when the symptoms are not fully explained by other medical or mental disorders.
  • For treatment, Cognitive Behavioral therapy is the most commonly used approach. Detailed and accurate information about the complaints is given to the person and studies are carried out on their cognitive distortions. It is studied on changing the thoughts and behaviors that disrupt the functionality of the individual.
  • Relaxation techniques, biofeedback (reorganization of some physiological functions that are under our control in our body accompanied by instantaneous data), and hypnosis are used to try to gain control over physical experiences with methods such as.



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